Hi !

I am Bhushan Kotnis, a Ph.D. student at the Indian Institute of Science working on inference problems in large Knowledge Graphs. I am fascinated by the power of Deep Learning in solving some very hard problems in Vision and Text. In this blog I plan to discuss some my Deep Learning explorations along with my thoughts on the recent literature.

In the past I have used Deep Learning for extracting relations between products, ┬árelations that are useful for e-commerce platforms such as “accessory_of”, from user queries and plain text. During my Ph.D. I formulated algorithms for optimizing referral campaigns on social networks using mathematical modeling, simulations and optimization. I am currently using machine learning for link prediction in large linguistic graphs (Knowledge Graphs).

Besides Machine Learning, I am also excited about Virtual Reality and can’t wait to get my hands on the Occulus Rift. Feel free to reach me at firstname.lastname@gmail.com